Training Schedules for year 2020

The training programmes at Ntinda VTI will be in two parts;

  1. The basic course schedules (two year course)
  2. The short course schedules (2-months,6 months )
Specialized Skills Short Courses

For the Short course program, the schedule for training is scheduled in three Intakes as indicated below;

first Intake:

2 months (March to April)

Second Intake:

2 months (June to August)

Third Intake:

2 months (September to November)

Entry is possible at any Intake or throughout the year for all

National Certificate Course

The training schedules for the two year national certificate schedule will be as follows;

Term one:

3rd February 2020 to 1st May 2020

Term two:

25th June 2020 to 21st  August 2020

Term three:

14th September 2020  to  27th December 2020

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