At Ntinda Vocational Training Institute  we offer services such as;

  • Vocational Training
      • National Certificate Courses
      • Specialized  Skills Short Courses
        • Uganda Vocational Qualification Framework (UVQF)  Craft Short Courses Level I & II
        • Skills upgrading Trainings (Contract Trainings) Level III
        • Tailor made Trainings
  • Income Generation
  • Auxiliary Support and Activities
    • Career Guidance and Counselling
    • I.C.T skills enhancement
    • Co-curricular activities
    • Cross-Cutting Issues (gender, H.I.V, environment, )


National Certificate Courses

Ntinda Vocational Training Institute (NT-VTI)the MAJOR course of business is the National Certificate  training that  is a National Certificate offered by Uganda Business and Technical Examination Board (UBTEB)  running  for a duration of two (2) years where a  certificate is offered after each academic year.

This is the equivalent of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) offered by Uganda National Examination board (UNEB)

at Ntinda VTI we offer the basic courses in the following fields /Trades;

  • National certificate in Automotive Mechanics (NCAM)
  • National certificate in Electrical installation systems and Maintenance (NCES)
  • National certificate in Fashion and Garment Design (NCFD)
  • National certificate in Plumbing (NCPL)
  • National certificate in Welding and Fabrication (NCWF)

the training capacity of Ntinda VTI is as follows;

  • Automotive Mechanics – 30
  • Electrical Installation systems and Maintenance-30
  • Fashion and Garment Design -30
  • plumbing-30
  • Welding and fabrication -30

the Above mentioned courses are both hands on and related are emphasized especially for;

  • for those that already have a vision on what they want to become in this world by specializing and focusing in their dream fields of study.
  • want to obtain employment in factories, industries, sites workshops and setting up self-employment in future.
  • after the completion of National Certificate , can later progress in academics while working and become great Engineers, Business Men and women, Instructors, Politicians, etc.

Two modes of Training are available from Monday to Friday every week:

Day session: 08:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Evening Session: 04:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Specialized  Skills Short Courses

UVQF  Craft Short Courses Level I & II

Ntinda VTI offers short course programs ranging from 1- 3 months in a phased manner on modular basis. Courses include;

  • Welder Level I
  • Welder Level II
  • fabricator Level I
  • Fabricator Level II
  • Tailor Level I
  • Tailor Level II
  • Knitter  Level I or Weaver ???
  • Knitter Level II ???
  • Automotive Service Mechanic Level I
  • Automotive Service Mechanic Level II
  • Auto Electrician Level I
  • Auto Electrician Level II
  • Plumber Level I
  • Plumber Level II
  • Sheet Metal Worker Level I
  • Sheet Metal Worker Level II
  • Electrician Level I
  • Electrician Level II
  • Solar system Level I
  • Solar System Level II

 Upgrading Trainings (Contract Trainings) Level III

  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx

Contract Training

Ntinda Vocational Training Institute  offers contract training with cooperate companies and individuals as well that want to upgrade their staff with a few extra skills

this depends on the decision by mutual consultation with the contractor and or Individual.

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