Ntinda Vocational Training Institute (NTVTI) is a public institution under the Ministry of Education and Sports which was established through cooperation between the Governments of South Korea and Uganda for the job seekers, the unemployed, the youth and incumbent workers. It is strategically located in Ntinda, a Suburb 3 km east of the capital city Kampala, next to one of Kampala’s industrial zones. This gives an opportunity for its trainees to interact with the world of work relevant to their fields. The institute has modern training equipment and machinery recently procured as part of the grant from the Government of South Korea through its development arm, the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). The institute staff have been trained in South Korea and Uganda. The institute offers National Certificate Courses and Specialized Skills Short Courses in line with its mandate of equipping youth with skills that will enable them to engage in productive work through getting employed or creating their own jobs hence reducing unemployment.



Constructing main Buildings and subsidiary   facilities in cooperation with UNOPS Supplying general and workshop equipment

Dispatching project manager and experts in Electrical, Welding& Plumbing, Automotive departments to Ntinda VTI

Inviting MoES officials and instructors to Korea for their capacity building

Uganda (Ministry of Education and Sports)

  • Providing administrative support.
  • Providing land of institute and construction supervision.
  • Coding and approval of staff structure for Ntinda VTI by Uganda government.
  • Securing wage bill for Ntinda VTI under KCCA. Securing budget for VTI operations.

Project Brief

a brief run down memory lane on how Ntinda VTI came to be ;

2014- April: Held a ground breaking ceremony

2014 – October : Made a contract with construction company (UNOPS)

2015 -December: signed MOU, KOICA_UNOPS for construction

2016 -November: Held a construction commencement meeting.

2017 – June: Dispatch of Korean experts to MoES to develop the guidelines on management of Ntinda VTI

2017 – September: conduct training program in Korea regarding management and instructor education

2018 – March: Completion of Ntinda VTI construction

2018 – April: Held keys hand over ceremony to MoES with UNOPS

2018 – May: Coding and approval of Staff structure for Ntinda VTI by government


2018 – August: Arrival of Equipment  and installation experts

2018 – August: Held a curriculum development workshop

2018 – September: Held a joint training for instructors of Korean government supported VTIs and this went on through October

2018 – November: Official Commissioning of Ntinda VTI by Ministry off education and Sports.

What we strive for 

We strive for innovation and excellence in whatever we do by providing high quality training and solutions for our trainees and clients. Our emphasis is on hands on practical training definitely gives our clients and trainees an edge to grow rapidly and advance professionally in their respective career(s). our main activity is providing high end training in automotive mechanics, plumbing, welding, electricity and fashion design and got expertise in covering most industry demanded skills like automotive service mechanic etc.


We assure our trainees and clients at large the highest possible quality standards in training: The following are our approaches to realize quality.

  • Appropriate technical infrastructure of adequate learning.
  • Highly certified and experienced trainer.
  • Trainers are regularly updated in their knowledge with the latest technology market by rigorously internal training from experts from the industry and senior super certified trainers.
  • Feedback regularly taken during training session by quality department, the watch dog of quality at Ntinda VTI
  • Continuous Coaching of staff is emphasized  to improve on performance.
  • Regular visiting faculty from the industry to deliver keynotes on current developments in the industry
  • Quality system revisited regularly upon feedback from technical stalwarts from the industry.
  • International affiliations with leading proprietors
  • Dual training methodology for adequate subject clarity and knowledge retention
  • Comfortable environment for learning
  • Versatile and skilled management professionals


Our executive team comprises of a mix of professionals in engineering, management and operations with. Our leadership team brings in a vast experience of operating in across cultural environment across the world. We believe in our employees being our strategic and our most important partner. We at Ntinda VTI have a commitment to reward performance and promote feeling of collective and shareable responsibility.Ntinda VTI shall carry out in-house education and training  for building skills and expertise of people. The integrated HR policy is in place for attracting potential employees and retained the existing employees. Our quality group has worked closely with project delivery groups to ensure that there is consistency, continuity and predictability in project delivery to clients and our trainees as well.

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